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Saminosat in english

Saminosat is a hobby-based spare parts store in Finland. We mainly operate locally, providing parts for 1950-1990 Fiat and Lancia cars. We import parts from Italy, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Kroatia, Slovenia and Turkiye. Most of these parts are available in other bigger stores in Europe, but if you wish to make a purchase with us, we do send parts to another countries. Please use "Ota Yhteyttä" -button on top and send a message, and i will write to you with e-mail. You can make payment with bank transfer or paypal. I can write in english, germany or swedish.

Nimi= name

puhelinnumero=phone number

sähköpostiosoite = @-mail address

viesti = message

Please note, that postage is expensive from Finland. To Europe about 20-30€, USA about 45-75€.

I will in time add also english description to parts, but mainly the shop will be in finnish. You can use google translator, it is best to convert into english, even if it is not your own language, because it works best with google translator.

varaosat = spare parts (main index, start here)

Some vocabulary:

automallikohtainen = seach based on the model of the car

jarru = brakes

moottori = engine

kori = body

nippelit = small stuff

pyöränripustus = axles

ohjaus = steering

sähkö = electric

sytytys = ignition

vaihteisto = transmission

voimansiirto = power transfer

kytkin = clutch

tiiviste = seal

jäähdytys = cooling

laakeri = bearing

suodatin = filter

ylä = upper

ala = lower

etu = front

taka = rear

oikea = right

vasen = left